Traduction Seem

to seem: paraître, apparaître, sembler


Uh oh! I seem to have gotten pregnant again! Uh oh! J’ai l’impression d’être encore tombée enceinte.

It seems (that there has been an earthquake): On dirait (qu’il y a eu un tremblement de terre)


It seems that Jonathan in Marketing was really a woman named Joanna. Il semble que Jonathan du département marketing soit en fait une femme prénommée Joanna.

It seems like it’s malignant, but I’m a mechanic, not a doctor. Cela ressemble à une tumeur maligne, mais je suis mécanicien, pas docteur.


  • « -Seems. Well this seems to be a waste of my time.« 
  • « Susie : Well I did just get back from Kalackistan where it’s been snowing for what seems like an eternity.« 
  • « Tension in this country is high – riots, protests, and angry tea drinking seem inevitable.« 
  • « But again, it seemed like we weren’t quite on the same wavelength.« 
  • « She cares about the environment and seems like a good person.« 
  • « -Seems expensive.« 
  • « It seems that there’s been an administrative error.« 
  • « It would seem that Bruno Delavigne is hardly fit to run a company.« 
  • « I’ve seen this before in a French horror movie – it seems like the foie gras is making him hallucinate!« 
  • « Lucie : Well, the elevator seems nice and clean.« 
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