Traduction Animal

an animal: un animal



  • « I’ve never seen so many animals!« 
  • « Narrator : Do you think that these animals deserve these equal rights?« 
  • « Owner : I can’t give you a refund, but I can replace him with another animal.« 
  • « Bruno : Some of our human employees are finding it hard to adapt to these changes, but they understand that our animal friends are welcome.« 
  • « Samantha : If I may, sir, camels are amazing animals, and I am currently in a serious relationship with one, but there is no way that a camel could replace a human being at a highly skilled office job!« 
  • « Delavigne Corp, already considered a maverick in the cosmetics industry for its staunch refusal to use animals in the testing of its products, hopes to promote ecological awareness among customers as well as take advantage of a new wave of environmental consciousness brought to national attention by the recent bestseller « Global Warming: It’s all your fault ».« 
  • « Dr. Gilchrist : Hello, this is Dr. Jermaine Gilchrist from the Bruningburger Institute of Animal Psychology.« 
  • « Now we’ve come to realise that animals deserve the right to be treated fairly in a place free from discrimination.« 
  • « But one group has so far been neglected: Animals.« 
  • « We have done our best to reduce the size of our own email accounts by deleting emails older than 90 days, as well as emails with large attachments or animal photos.« 
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