Traduction Close friend

a close friend: un bon ami, un ami proche


Susie is a close friend. Susie est une amie proche.


  • « Bruno Delavigne was pronounced dead early this morning at San Francisco’s Sinai Memorial Hospital by personal physician and close friend, Dr. Otto von Headcold.« 
  • « I’m a close friend of singer Elkie Johns and I’ve been to some pretty wild parties.« 
  • « Take the time to phone close relatives.« 
  • « It’s Horatio’s 102nd birthday next Thursday, and I wanted to do something special for him. He is one of my closest friends and sometimes I get the impression that he is lonely in that laboratory of his.« 
  • « That’s why I’m bringing in a very special consultant – a close friend of mine from heaven – Mr. Michael Jackson.« 
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