Traduction People

(There are three) people (in the room): (Il y a trois) personnes (dans la pièce)


« People » is a collective noun often used as the plural form of « person » (rather than « persons »).

The people are hungry. Les gens ont faim.

a people: un peuple


(There are too many) people (here): (Il y a trop de) gens (ici)



  • « They are a source of mystery, curiosity and even obsession for people across the world(s).« 
  • « Alright, 682 people down, and only 2 more people to apologize to.« 
  • « You were really great out there, with all those jokes about killing people!« 
  • « Some people sit on a blanket« 
  • « Please listen to his advice and remember: he’s here to help (and hopefully impress people in high places).« 
  • « All : Some people stand by the water« 
  • « Right now, I am standing outside the hottest party in Hollywood, home of the most important people on Earth: celebrities.« 
  • « I don’t want people feeling sorry for me.« 
  • « Dad : Oh, believe me, I grew up with Grandpa Xavier, and plenty of people think he’s weird.« 
  • « is that you have black people here.« 
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