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Le mot anglais de Janvier 2020: « Bush »

Chaque mois, Form@nglais et son partenaire Gymglish vous propose d’explorer un mot de la une, en anglais. 
Ce mois-ci découvrons le mot anglais: "decade"


A bush: a small tree or plant.

The « bush »: remote, rural areas in Australia and New Zealand.

Bush: A small dynasty of war-obsessed US presidents.

Also: A slang term for pubic hair.

Bushes in the news

This month, the Australian bush is in flames. Not since biblical times have bushes burnt so meaningfully.

Meanwhile, in a throwback to the Bush eras, the US fired missiles into Iraq. Ah nostalgia.

Bushy expressions

Bright eyed and bushy tailed: Enthusiastic. Expression based on squirrel behavior. We have questions too.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush: Better to keep what you have than to risk it for more. How much is a bird on fire worth?

Who’s to blame?

According to skeptics, the fires are due to arson.

According to scientists, they are due to climate change.

According to koalas, this sh@t is crazy. Send help.

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