Traduction Strong

strong: fort, puissant, solide


I hope the tea is not too strong. J’espère que le thé n’est pas trop fort.

a strong athlete un athlète puissant

strongly: fortement, énergiquement



  • « What matters is that this new companion shall be good, strong and wise.« 
  • « -How strong is it?« 
  • « I’ll be hosting the event in the Delavigne cafeteria with nothing but earplugs and a bottle of strong Scotch to kill the pain.« 
  • « Hannah has a strong Northern British accent, and equally strong views on many issues.« 
  • « I stand before you today not as a pimple-faced intern, fetching coffee and making copies, but as a modern-day Adonis: statuesque, strong, confident.« 
  • « In light of the preceding, I strongly encourage you to take some time off.« 
  • « But though our countries are separated by the Atlantic, there is a strong bond which unites all of us in this room;« 
  • « Bruno : Felix is a naughty person, and I dislike him strongly.« 
  • « Horatio : Great, because I have some very strong and very weird ideas about the future of this company.« 
  • « You got off to a slow start, but you finished up strong, especially when you confessed to murder.« 
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